Church School Year in Review


Teach Us How To Pray (Sept. 18 – Oct. 16)

Prayer is talking with God.  There are many ways to talk with God and many different kinds of prayers.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray and gave them an example that we still use today.  We call this example the Lord’s Prayer.

Occupations In Bible Times (Oct. 23 – Nov. 20)

Learning about life in Bible times helps children better understand the biblical message that we all have different gifts that can be used to Glorify God.

Christmas Pageant Preparation (late Nov. – Dec. 18)

Burning Bush and other Images Of God (Jan. 8 – Feb. 5)

Who is God?  What is God like?  Throughout history people have expressed the reality of God through images and metaphor.  Children will explore some of the many images of God in the Bible and discover how those images can help us know God.

Jesus And The Children (Feb. 12 – March 19)

Jesus proclaimed through his words and actions that children are valued by God. Children have important roles to play in the community of faith.

Parable Of The Sower (March 26 – April 30)

Jesus often told stories when he was teaching people.  We call his stories parables. This parable is about a farmer.  The seed that the farmer sows is the seed of the good news about Jesus.

Children’s Sunday Preparation (May 14 – June 2) The story of Moses