Homecoming Sunday

Join us on Sunday, September 11, 2016, as we kick off the new church year in style! We’ll worship together as an intergenerational church family, led by music from organ, piano, choir, and perhaps some special guests. We’ll bless the water you brought back from your summertime travels (don’t forget to bring a small container of water that represents a special place for you). We’ll bless the backpacks of our children and youth for the school year ahead. We’ll reconnect with old friends and meet new ones while we enjoy an ice cream social on the front lawn.


All are welcome: friends and family, neighbors and guests, widows and orphans, strangers and foreigners, rich and poor, gay and straight, young and old, sure and doubting, got-it-together and falling-apart—the table is set with a place for you, and the party will not be complete until you arrive!

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