Racial Justice Initiatives


“Humankind was created in God’s image;

In the divine image God created them”

Genesis 1: 27

Below are a number of resources to help us begin to explore and meditate upon issues related to racial understanding and justice. Have a resources to share? Please email them to the church. This page will grow and evolve along with our awareness and work.

UCC Conferences on Racial Justice

The CT Conference of the UCC has recently offered week-long racial justice facilitator training sessions. Deb Kirk has participated in helping to bring these sessions to fruition, in April 2015, Charlene Swanson attended the inaugural facilitator training, and in July 2015, Lynn Davis, Katy Field, Jocelyn Gardner-Spencer, and Katie Wells attended the second facilitator training.

RJM Conference July 2015

Materials for Our Conversation Mini-Series: “Exploring Race: Beginning the Conversation”

Additional Resources 

Reactions to the 2015 Charleston Emanuel AME Shooting

White Privilege & White Fragility

Unpacking The Concept of Race & Racism

Mass Incarceration

Other Examples of Institutional & Cultural Racism