Watch Recent Worship Services

Recent Worship Services

The Spirit of Summer- Auguts 1 - September 5

Throughout the month of August, we explore the spirituality of rest, relaxation, summer fun, and adventures in doing nothing at all. 

In August, Woship will be held at 9am at East Woodstock Congregational Church.

July Worship Services - July 4 - July 25

We continue the year’s long tradition of celebrating worsship during the summer months with our friends from East Woodstock Congregational Church.  During the month of July we celebrate worship at teh First Congregational Church of Woodstock at 9am.  

Thriving on the Edge of Chaos - April 18 - June 27

Exploring how life’s challenges often lead to surprising breakthroughs that help us thrive, individually and collectively, as the beautiful, wonderful, gifted people God created and is calling us to be.

Finding Our Way to Love - February 21 - April 11

In this series we will explore spirituality and spiritual practices as the way to nurture healthier relationship with ourselves, others, creation, and our Creator. 

Revive Refresh Renew - January 10 - February 14

A hopeful and positive embrace of the promise and possibility of the year ahead. We walk with Jesus in the early days of his ministry from his baptism in the river Jordan to his transfiguration on top of a mountain. 

Love Born Among Us - November 29 - January 3

We celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas, wondering: What might the charact of the story and characters in the familiar stories of Jesus’ birth have to say to us today? What does this say about who God is? How God works? And about who we are and our purpose? 

Older Worship Celebrations

543 Route 169, Woodstock, Connecticut 06281 | 860. 928. 7405 | Sunday Worship 10 am