Sunday School News for February


Church school will start February by sharing an “Adult Message” with the congregation during worship on February 5th during the usual “Children’s Message” time.  We’ll take part in a fun activity, play a game, and share all we learned about the various Images of God.  Then we will begin our “Jesus & the Children” unit taught by Bob & Debby Kirk.  Come and learn how all children are valued by God!

Feb. 5th – Come and share an “Adult Message” with the congregation and celebrate an Intergenerational Communion worship service with your family.  We will share welcome with all and bring forward our Daily Bread collection.  No church school classes, but activity packets will be available.

Feb. 12th – Introduction to Jesus & the Children unit.

Feb. 19th – Jesus & the Children unit begins.

Feb. 26th – Jesus & the Children unit continues.