Archives and Artifacts

The following are a few examples of the historical records and artifacts that tell the story of over 333 years of continuous ministry of the First Congregational Church of Woodstock. 

When you enter the building from the side door near the office and head down the corridor, take a moment to gaze straight ahead before turning to enter the sanctuary or Harrison Hall.

Look – and look again – at that quilt. (Artifact #06.01.071)

As you study it, you will see that it
represents the Mission Statement adopted in 1987, which reads “We believe God calls us to:

  • Worship and Proclaim God’s living presence,
  • Grow in our awareness of God’s love,
  • Celebrate the fellowship of a loving, supportive community of friends, and
  • Challenge the Church and its members to use their gifts in service with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the guide.

In the third edition of the Woodstock Parish Observer (Archive file 19900600), published in June 1990 for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of our church, Ellen Holley described the history of this quilt:

“At the first meeting of the 300th Celebration Committee, a suggestion was voiced that a quilt be made depicting the mission statement of the church. Melinda Bridgman, who had been instrumental in the design of the town coat of arms for the 1986 Woodstock Tercentenary celebration, worked on a four-section design for the quilt.

Late in 1989, colors and fabrics were chosen, and with Marthena Smith coordinating the project, two people worked on the appliqué portion of each of the four sections: Priscilla Hamm, Ruth Kimball, Alexandra Lyman, Caroline Lyman, Melba Lyon, Laura Schmid, Fannie Lee Wahatalo, and Elizabeth Walton.

The completed quilt will be displayed in the church building and dedicated during the worship service on Homecoming Sunday…. Throughout the devoted work on this project run thoughts of Eve Brown, an original member of the Hill Quilters and a gifted seamstress, who would have been so much a part of the creation.”

We are fortunate to be able to view this quilt still, displayed so well in a beautiful cabinet, crafted by Richard Lewis and given in loving memory of Madeline Wakeman by her daughter Nancy Young and family. 

If you would like to access our archives in search for a particular file or record, or if you have something that might be an appropriate addition to this collection, please contact Bruce T. Lyman, archivist.