Seniors Social

Monthly Events to build community and social connection for area seniors are planned for one Thursday each month from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at the First Congregational Church of Woodstock.

All are welcome regardless of age, residency, beliefs, or other affiliation.

For more information email our Senior Ministry Team

Apr 18

Join us for a joyful afternoon of tea, coffee, snacks, and music bingo.  Always a hit, it is a  fun way to remember the golden oldies. 

Bring a friend and make new ones! 

May 9

From neck pain to increased risk of falling, poor posture contributes to a number of health challenges as we age.  On May 9, we will explore how to improve our posture and simple exercises to maintain a better center of gravity. 

The session is presented by Dr. Frederick Barks from the Putnam Chiropractic Center.

You may find this recent article from Harvard Health informative

Jun 20

Game on! We will ease into summer with a fun time of socializing, chit-chatting, and playing games as we enjoy homemade treats.  

Bring your favorite game or choose from the many games we will have available.


 The pandemic increased isolation and stress among many in our community, young and old. We are beginning with monthly activities to build community and connect among older adults and plan to offer other events and activities to address the practical need for positive social connection, support and meaningful community for others in the community as well.” commented Rev. Dr. Kevin Downer, pastor.

The church has served as the Monday location for Community Kitchens of Northeast Connecticut for the past eight years, offering free hot meals every week. The meal program provides an important social outlet. This new program seeks to build upon this ministry by offering a variety of daytime social activities. It is hoped that the center will nurture relationships and connections between residents of Woodstock and the surrounding communities.

For more information email our Senior Ministry Team.