Celebrating 325 Years

The year 2015 marks the 325th anniversary of the founding of First Congregational Church of Woodstock in 1690.  For three and a quarter centuries, our congregation has gathered to worship God, to seek truth, to grow in love, to care for one another, and to serve our community. (Read more about our history here.)

Please join us at the following events to help celebrate this remarkable history and launch us into the future God has in store (read more about our vision here), and see below for information about ordering our commemorative book and ceramics.


Mon., Sept. 28, 10:30 am

Bev Brazeal will offer a Learning in Retirement presentation at QVCC, Danielson campus, on the history of our church.


Sun., Oct. 4, 10:00 am

Our worship service will be held at Pulpit Rock.  Rev. Jocelyn Gardner Spencer will preside.  You may choose to walk from the church, park in the McClellan orchard, or ride in a small van to the location.  Following the service will be a special reception back at the church, with a variety of artifacts and ephemera on display.


Sun., Oct. 11, 1:00 pm

Walk to Eliot Rock on the McClellan property for a reenactment of John Eliot’s 17th-century work with the Wabaquasset Native Americans by Leslie Sweetnam. (Part of The Last Green Valley Walktober program.)


Sun., Oct. 11, 2:30 pm

Walking tour of the Woodstock Hill Cemetery, adjacent to the church. (Part of The Last Green Valley Walktober program.)


Sun., Oct. 25, 10:00 am

We welcome Pastor Emeritus James S. Harrison back to our pulpit for the first time since his retirement in 2010. Jamie will preach and will join Pastor Jocelyn in leading our worship service for this day.


Sun., Nov. 22, 11:15 am

Following our regular worship service, Prof. Clifford Brown will join us for a presentation on church architecture.


November and December

A display of church artifacts and papers will be presented at the Connecticut Historical Society in Hartford, CT.


Spring 2016

Watch for more information about a Poetry Contest and a Hymn-Writing Contest.


Sun., Apr. 24, 2016, 10:00 am

Earth Sunday with Sunday School and Youth Ministry participation, including the planting of a tree and the burial of a time capsule.


Commemorative Book:  “They Sat in These Pews”

This collection of stories will introduce you to some of the personalities of church-goers from the last 75 years or so — people who contributed to the ways and flavor of our present church family.  Read about:  Tea with Miss Constance, Death One Night, Sledding Down Child Hill Road, Coolidge State Park, and much, much more. The vignettes include reflections on life as it was in the 1940-60s, from dirt road to paved, to families making the “switch” to electricity and indoor plumbing. Some of these stories will make you smile and some may make you sad, just a bit.

This is a full-sized, professional paperback (approx. 276 pages, with illustrations), compiled and edited by Kathryn Woodcock-Lynn and Paul Dryden Lynn. Order by Sunday, November 15 for Christmas giving.  Cost: $20.

pdficon_small Download a book order form here.


Commemorative Ceramics

Paul Lynn and Kathryn Woodcock-Lynn, outstanding local potters and long-time church members, will create several commemorative ceramic items embellished with a 325th Anniversary logo.  These hand-thrown, locally-fired items will include clay from Woodstock and water from the Holy Land.  All items will be available in time for Christmas giving.

Pitchers (quart-plus capacity) will be available for a donation of $100 each.  Please note: this is a limited edition piece and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Chalices (approx. 10 oz.) will be available for a donation of $50 each.  Please note: this is a limited edition piece and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Mugs (approx. 8 oz.) will be available for a donation of $15 each.

pdficon_small Download a ceramics order form here.