Gift Card Program

Our Gift Card program is another way to support the ministries of the church. Individuals may purchase cards for stores and vendors which you frequent, and the vendor will send a rebate to the church. 

Gift Card Ministry FAQ

What is the Gift Card Ministry?
It is a way for you to generate money for the church and its mission at no expense to yourself with very little effort.

How does it work?
You purchase gift cards through the Gift Card Ministry and the companies return a small percentage to the church.

What does it cost me?
You pay only the face value of the card. That means if you order a $50 gift card, you get a $50 gift card. It costs you nothing extra.

What companies offer cards through this program?
Dozens! Our order form only lists those we feel are most likely to be of interest to people in our local area.

To see all the choices you can go to the scripzone

How much of a rebate does the church receive?
It varies from 1% to 14% of the card value depending on the company. You can go to the web site listed above to see what percentage each company gives back.
What does this cost the church?
Our only expense is return postage and handling from the company that handles the transactions, sends us the cards and pays our fee. Currently that is about $11.50 per submission. For that reason we collect a number of orders together and send them in as a batch.

How do I place an order?
You just fill out an order form, write out a check for the total amount of the cards you are ordering (payable to FCCW) and mail or deliver the order form and check to the church office.

How long does it take to get the cards after I order?
That depends on how many orders we receive. For example, if you order a single $25 card, we have to wait until we get other orders to make it worth while to submit. If we get enough orders, we submit them weekly.
Once we submit the batch of orders we receive the cards in about a week. Then we distribute them to the purchasers.
So if you plan to order gift cards for special occasions, you need to order well in advance.

Gift Card Order Form